Irrigation Design and Consultation

Hampton Roads Landscape Irrigation Experts

Heads Up Sprinklers also offers consulting services and design for developers, engineers, or landscape architects. We can answer any question you have about landscape irrigation. We are also able to do full CAD designs and as-builts. We are your expert resource for landscape irrigation.

If you are a landscape architect we can plan from the design phase so that the plant water requirements are met and the installation of the irrigation system is completed in conjunction with the landscaping work.

Another area that Heads Up can assist with is Rainwater Harvesting. In the Hampton Roads Region, the vast majority of our rainfall occurs in the fall, winter, and spring months when our landscapes don’t need much water. The rainfall we receive in summer is typically in the form of thunderstorms which deliver the water at a rate exceeding the infiltration rate of most regional soils. Translation? Only a small percentage of our rainfall actually gets used by our landscaping. The rest of it runs off of our lawns, patios, roofs, and other impervious surfaces to eventually find its way into the Chesapeake Bay.

The problem is that storm water contains pollutants (such as oil and other inorganic chemicals) as well as an excessive amount of nutrients (fertilizers and organic waste from landscapes). When this water reaches the Bay it promotes the growth of algae and other oxygen-using plants which result in the formation of ‘dead zones’ in the Chesapeake Bay where no marine life can subsist due to a lack of oxygen.

Installing a Rainwater Harvesting system collects most or all of the rainwater from your roof, or other impervious surface and uses this water for cleaning or watering needs on your property. It has the effect of saving you potable water that would otherwise be used to water your lawn, with the added benefit of reducing the amount of storm water runoff that your house produces.

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