Why Choose Heads Up?

pic4First, we employ courteous and experienced professionals. We have on staff a Certified Irrigation Contractor and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. Second, we utilize the latest in water conserving design and technology so that you spend less money on water, help the environment (by reducing storm water run-off and using less potable water), and maintain a healthy landscape. For more information on choosing an irrigation contractor, visit the Irrigation Consumer Handbook.

We offer the best, most comprehensive sprinkler service and installation in the Hampton Roads Region, but why take our word for it?

When we were shopping around for sprinkler systems we had six estimates. Most of the estimates were less than Heads Up (some considerably) and one was much higher. After talking to all the salespeople, educating ourselves on sprinkler systems and the products out there, we chose Heads Up. The reason we chose Heads Up was not because of a better product (most had the same products) and not because of the special price, it was because of Bill Kennon. We are the type of people who listen to a person and respect the knowledge that person can give us, and Bill did far and above any salesperson from the other companies. He listened to our concerns and our requests and presented an estimate to us, with us in mind. That is far more important to us than getting the lowest price.

Bill explained to us, not only about the system itself, but how it actually worked the soil conditions, and water rates. It was not just selling us a system; it was educating us on the benefits of a sprinkler system.

Thank you again for a great system and to Bill Kennon a great sales person who did a great job selling us your system.”

– Residential install customer in Virginia Beach

Additional references of recent work available upon request, just Contact Us.